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Leather Biker Vests

As with any product on the market, there are leather biker vests that will last and those which are made cheaply. You can search online for factory-made faux leather for a bargain buy, but either of these will fall apart in a year because you get what you pay for. This is not helpful if you are in an accident where your vest is supposed to protect you, or if you want to stay warm in cool conditions. Riders wear their vests every time they go out, which can be a lot.

Moreover, bikers often add club patches to the backs of their vests. Why go to all of that trouble if you will have to remove them and add them to a new vest in a year’s time? If the material is weak, snaps and zips are likely to wear out quickly too, while pocket seams will rip, making them useless.
leather biker vests
Even if you spend a bit more for denim or other materials, these are not as tough as leather. As any biker will tell you, riding by motorcycle makes a person vulnerable. Denim and cloth are not designed to make a man feel more confident on busy roads. Skidding sideways against pavement can rip skin right off. Debris shooting off of cars can be harmful and uncomfortable. Only leather can really withstand the rigors of life on the road.

ONE Leather biker vests are made from quality materials including heavy duty leather, fully functioning zips, and hardy brass snaps. The inside is lined for added pocket support, and the pockets are designed properly to stay shut while a rider is speeding down the road. These are handcrafted items in a variety of styles. Opt for brown or black and choose a collarless item, or one with a short, one inch collar instead. These are simple, classic designs. Attractive articles have also been made for women, while there are numerous other essential pieces made to match these items, such as coats and gloves.

Even if a cheap, sturdy denim coat was designed to replicate the qualities of leather, chances are that motorcycle riders would choose their traditional outfit. It simply looks too good to swap for something else.
biker vests
Customer testimonials glow with praises. As soon as a customer puts on his vest he knows he has bought a product that was made to last, making these leather biker vests a genuine investment. A ONE Leather biker vest is probably the last vest you will ever need to buy if you do not put on lots of weight, or get into a nasty accident. Even if you do have to replace it owing to a crash, you will be thankful you were wearing this protective piece of clothing and only too happy to invest in another article just like it. The company provides a lifetime guarantee to protect consumers against manufacturers’ defects, but these are handcrafted items. Utmost care and attention have gone into the making of each sleek, protective item.